VHOD on soundcloud

Here you will find tracks from VHOD as well as from the other related projects of Chris Shaver.  Go to Cshiver Productions @ BANDCAMP to download most of these for free!


VHOD was conceived by sole member Chris Shaver in January 2014.  VHOD was essentially a merging of Chris's past projects GODCURSED, MORBID DARKNESS and WORMS OF THE BIRTH in what was intended to be an amalgamation of sorts but has since become its own project aside from those mentioned.  Cited as a self-described Experimental Death Metal act with the release of numerous singles and EPs (laterTor) in 2014 and early 2015, and the 2015 debut (Dreamcleaver) on Inverse Records, VHOD has since displayed interests in both traditional old-school Death Metal as well as some other flavors of music.  A follow-up album (Ouija Board Wormhole), released independently in 2016, was a throwback to the days of old.  In September 2017, an EP was released (Sacriphiliac) which displayed some minor experimental elements.