VHOD is both a collective and a compartment within the collective and represents the many musical bodies of work produced by Christopher Ian Shaver.  The musical directions are sometimes blurred between the various branches of the collective but most commonly the works are rooted in metal and its various genres.

The collective, in Chris' view, was born in 1989 and has been developed using various projects throughout the years.  The VHOD mission statement is to explore that which is necessary to be explored in both musical and philosophical terms, unwaiveringly.


Okay, contrary to previous statements, there will be NO full length albums in the immediate future.  I work on multiple projects and I've come to realize that to most comfortably continue to create new music I must work in the short-term.  The TRANSIR album was underway, perhaps sitting at about 30% completion,  when my restless and always evolving innerself decided I wanted to work on another one or two of my projects.  Whilst laying out a schedule for the VHOD and EDIFICE albums I realized it would potentially be months before I could properly provide attention to them.  This is a buzz kill for me.  I am a spontaneous musician and feel the most inspired when I can work as unhindered by bullshit as possible.  Besides, no one cares....

Very soon I will start releasing singles, finishing up the over 12 half baked tracks which are currently waiting in the queue.

Just an update.  Cheers.  Chris. 

LAST UPDATED: October 17, 2020

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