This is the official site of VHOD, a one man metal act conceived by sole musician Christopher Ian Shaver in January 2014.  VHOD was essentially a merging of Chris's past projects GODCURSED, MORBID DARKNESS and WORMS OF THE BIRTH in what was considered a merger.  An obvious Canadian Death Metal act, VHOD was at one point self-described as Experimental Death Metal with the digital release of numerous singles and EPs (later - Tor) in 2014 and early 2015, and the 2015 debut (Dreamcleaver) on Inverse Records.  VHOD has since displayed interests in both traditional old-school Death Metal as well as adding nuances of other musical styles.  A follow-up album (Ouija Board Wormhole), was released independently in 2016 and in September 2017 an EP was released digitally (Sacriphiliac).


With the respective projects GODCURSED, MORBID DARKNESS and WORMS OF THE BIRTH having been relaunched again individually in 2017, VHOD ceased to be a merger. 

VHOD has just digitally released a new 3-song EP (Warfraust) and is currently at work on a brand new album with a tentative release date set for early 2019. 


 As well as VHOD, Christopher Ian Shaver has also been actively involved in many other one man acts since 1989.  MORBID DARKNESS (also DEMONIC), TRANSIR, WORMS OF THE BIRTH, DARKNESS WITHOUT DAWN and GODCURSED are all showcased on the Cshiver Productions Bandcamp page and most titles can be downloaded for free!