Updated regularly and covers current recording projects and blogs.

~ June 2019:  SHADU-NAR-MATTARU is now available on CD and can be purchased here!

~ May 2019: SHADU-NAR-MATTARU is half finished recording the debut EP!  Digital release is expected in late June and a small run CD version should be available in early July.  Eventually, Bandcamp and Youtube pages will be put up...I'll keep you posted!

~ April 2019: Work begins on the debut SHADU-NAR-MATTARU album...

~ March 2019: A new entity has been stirred from the abyss - SHADU-NAR-MATTARU...

~ February 2019: A brand new EP by a brand new project called TCHOT...The Callous Heart Of Time...up now!

~ Soon the back catalog and all new releases will be centralized at the VHOD Bandcamp page.  Also, coming soon, some new projects...TCHOT, EDIFICE and DAWN OF ARZIR.

~ A new single from VHOD titled 'Too Late For Fate' is now up for free download.  There's a bit of a blog about it here.

~ TRANSIR will release 'Sunderia' on November 2, 2018, ahead of schedule and the run time of this epic single is a ridiculous 28:54!  I consider this my best work to date, though it is definitely NOT for everyone...a brief blog here.

~ You can check out something I did with a Tim Calvert composition solely in tribute to his memory and his influence on me throughout the years.  I hold no rights and it is not for sale...simply something I decided to do with the utmost respect at heart to a fallen great.  Anyone who takes issue to this work can simply contact me and it will be taken down immediately.  My intention is only to collaborate on an amazing piece of work.  Respect and RIP Tim Calvert.


Everything Shaver has officially released is accessible from here.


VHOD is a complicated and multi-faceted project which was spearheaded by sole member Christopher Ian Shaver in January 2014.  The project has undergone a series of identity shifts and until early summer 2018 had largely retained a Death Metal style and approach.

Summer 2018 would bring about the newest and most extreme juncture in the VHOD labyrinth, adopting an instrumental 'Fringe Metal' genre and shifiting gears in both musical style and overall expression.  

VHOD is also rooted in nearly every other one man act Christopher Ian Shaver has been actively involved in since 1989.  MORBID DARKNESS (also DEMONIC), TRANSIR, WORMS OF THE BIRTH, DARKNESS WITHOUT DAWN and GODCURSED are all considered a part of VHOD in some way and are affiliated through VHODWERK.  All of these projects are available at Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Check out the DOWNLOADS section of VHOD.CA for some rare gems affiliated with these acts that couldn't be posted on Bandcamp - including cover songs, remixes and previously unreleased tracks.

Bandcamp (1990-Present)