VHOD (Active) Conceived in January 2014, initially as a death metal project.  Eventually, more experimental elements were implemented producing music ranging from electronic to death rock to straight ahead death metal...currently dabbling in the stoner/doom genre.  In a strange twist, VHOD is not only the collective of Chris' musical obyssey but a part of the collective itself.

TRANSIR (Active)  This project was born in early winter 2016.  It would serve as an outlet for an interest in funeral doom death metal.  Though the original model is still honored, more melodic elements have been known to rear their heads on a growing basis. 

EDIFICE (Active)  Originally conceived in late 2018 as a new VHOD project, initially incorporating throwback techniques and concepts from Chris' formative early years.  Ultimately it adopted a Scandinvian death metal-tinged direction.

DARKNESS STAINS THE SKY (Active)  This project was born in early winter 2020 and came into fruition with a debut single in early 2021.  The project delves into drone-doom and ambient avant-garde.

DAWN OF ARZIR (Active)  Initially conceived in late 2018 as an avenue to develop the very experimental VHOD directions which came about in late 2018.  Gradually, the creative path led to this guitar driven ambient/instrumental project which came to fruition in 2020.

TCHOT - THE CRUEL HEART OF TIME (Active)  A new VHOD project conceived in late 2018 to explore more raw punk and hardcore-tinged

death metal.  Later musical direction suggests more black and death metal and less punk and hardcore.

GODCURSED (Active)  This project was conceived initially in fall 1999 and came to fruition in late 2004 as a death metal endeavor, serving as a continuation of themes that MORBID DARKNESS was originally striving to achieve in both 1992 and 1996 (both being breaking points for that act).  This chapter was reactivated in 2021 after 4 years of inactivity.  An EP is slated for release in mid 2021.

WORMS OF THE BIRTH (Inactive)  This project came about in late summer 2011 as an outlet to rework old songs written in the early MORBID DARKNESS years from 1989-1990.  A few brand new tracks were also developed as singles.  WOTB became inactive following the last recording in summer 2017.

DARKNESS WITHOUT DAWN (Inactive)  In fall 2016, this project came about as an attempt at lo-fi and raw expression.  It was relatively short lived having only produced a few EPs and became inactive in late 2017. 

MORBID DARKNESS (Inactive)  This act existed as a duo from 1989 to 1996 and after a lot of back and forth between 2004 and 2008, Chris relaunched the project on his own in 2009.  Following spring 2017, the act became inactive. 

Related acts:

DEMONIC - A privately active side project of Chris I. Shaver from 1990-1992.  Only two recordings have been officially released.

DEAD SAC VEINS - A fun side project of Chris I. Shaver and Clayton M. Shaver developed in 1990 and lasting until 1996.  Only one remastered recording has been released.

[In 2019, original members formed a new project called

SHADU-NAR-MATTARU and remain active.]

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