Experimental/Death Metal


(2014 - 2018)

The initial incarnation of VHOD is of a one man metal act conceived by sole musician Christopher Ian Shaver in January 2014.  VHOD was essentially a marriage of Chris's past projects GODCURSED, MORBID DARKNESS and WORMS OF THE BIRTH in what was considered a merger, yet a new entity.  An obvious Death Metal act for the most part, VHOD was at one point self-described as Experimental Death Metal with the digital release of numerous singles and EPs (later - Tor) in 2014 and early 2015, and the 2015 debut (Dreamcleaver) on Inverse Records.  VHOD has since displayed interests in both traditional old-school Death Metal as well as adding nuances of other musical styles.  A follow-up album (Ouija Board Wormhole), was released independently in 2016 and in September 2017 an EP was released digitally (Sacriphiliac).

With the respective projects GODCURSED, MORBID DARKNESS and WORMS OF THE BIRTH having been relaunched again individually in 2017 to put forth final releases, VHOD ceased to be a merger. 

VHOD digitally released a new 3-song EP (Warfraust) in summer 2018 before undergoing a drastic change in approach both in style and in identity.

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GODCURSED was initially conceived in 1999 by sole member Chris Shaver but did not come into being until 2004.  Between 2005 and 2010, 5 albums were released (Domain, Past Life Strife, The Blood Door, Sunrise Ad Subnoctem, Abyss) before a period where activity became somewhat sporadic.  In 2011 work began on a 6th album but interest in other projects and pending changes brought about a delay in its release.  In 2012, Chris considered merging his projects and cancelled work on the album.  In 2013, upon abandoning the merger, a compilation (Edicius) was released as a symbol of the continuation of this project.  The Sixis Series was developed and after releasing a single (A Sleeping Anger Wakes) Volumes 1-3 in this Series were released (Skeleton Heart, Order Or Order, Corpse Within A Corpse).  Soon after the release of these albums, the merger plan was again considered and in January 2014, together with MORBID DARKNESS and WORMS OF THE BIRTH, GODCURSED became part of the merger called VHOD. 

The VHOD merger ceased in early 2017 (VHOD would continue now as a seperate project from those involved in the merger) and GODCURSED was again relaunched.  A brand new and final EP (The Demon Wax) was released in September of 2017.




WORMS OF THE BIRTH was conceived in 2011 by sole member Chris Shaver as a platform to release reworked MORBID DARKNESS material from the 1989-1991 era.  In autumn 2011, 3 brand new singles (Harlequin Birth, Squirming Beneath Your Skin, Dawn Of The Parasite) were released which took on a new quasi-gore concept.  An EP (Worms Of The Birth) was also released which included reworked MORBID DARKNESS songs from 1989-1990 and 2 cover songs.  A follow up to the EP was in the works sporadically between 2012 and 2013, said to be a reworked collection of MORBID DARKNESS songs which originally were to be that bands first 1990 demo (The Mourning After - unfinished).  Because WORMS OF THE BIRTH became part of the merger known as VHOD, the release was cancelled. 

The VHOD merger ceased in early 2017 (VHOD would continue now as a seperate project from those involved in the merger) and WORMS OF THE BIRTH was again relaunched.  WOTB released The Mourning After in May 2017 and a new final full-length, (G)Hosts in June 2017.




MORBID DARKNESS was officially launched by Clayton Shaver and Chris Shaver as 'HAVOK' in September of 1989, over a year following its initial and premature conception in the summer of 1988 as 'REEK HAVOK'.  Between 1989 and 1991, the duo changed monikers and musical styles several times before finally resting on the name MORBID DARKNESS and employing a Black Death Metal style.  The duo released their first demo (Morbid Darkness) in late 1991.  In early-mid 1992 music was completed for a follow-up demo (Enter The 7th Sacrificial Domain - unfinished) but internal friction caused a hiatus between the summer of 1992 and 1993 and the material was discarded.  In 1993 talks began of a possible 7" to be released, and a rehearsal tape (Rehearsal 12/1993) was recorded at the end of the year, following the completion of the respective material.  The 7" deal never came to be but the duo followed through with the recording of a second demo (Return From Death) in spring 1994.  Between 1994 and 1996, music was written for numerous demos (Ascend, The Pondering Sun, Refuse - all unfinished) but due to internal issues none of them came to fruition as a band effort.  In mid-1996, following what were perhaps the most intense times between the duo, MORBID DARKNESS came to a close.  During the years that followed, Chris continued to work with material in the MORBID DARKNESS archives, as well as with other musicians in other projects.  During the second half of 1999, Chris began production on a large collection of reworked MORBID DARKNESS material from 1989-1995 (The Decade Project - unfinished) with the hopes that Clayton would join him in the vocal department.  The project was abandoned due to a lack of mutual interest.  In 2004, citing an upcoming MORBID DARKNESS 7" release (Warfare At Winters Solstice), the duo began talks again of a possible reunion and a subsequent new album.  In the midst of preproduction the duo saw internal turmoil yet again, and work on the album was cancelled.  In 2009, Chris re-launched the project on his own with the intention to fulfill some past aspirations and to unearth some previously unreleased material.  In 2009, 2 demos (Demonichrist, Walpurgis Rites) and 2 compilations (Years Of The Lost: Volumes 1 & 2) were released.  In 2010, an EP was released (Volatus Veneficum) which initially included remixed versions of the 2009 demos and a collection of BATHORY covers (later - Mistress Of Curse).  In late 2010, work on a debut full-length album commenced and in early 2011 was released (Seraphim).  Later in 2011, after some consideration, Chris decided to end further releases as MORBID DARKNESS and instead employ a new/old moniker, CRIMSON REQUIEM (a name originally proposed in 1993), for all future releases.  A final compilation (Years Of The Lost: Volume 3) and a collection of remastered demos (Tomes) were both released before this subsequent name change came into effect.  In 2012, upon cancelling the CRIMSON REQUIEM project, as well as a proposed merger, MORBID DARKNESS became inactive.  In 2013 material was written which was considered for a new MORBID DARKNESS album (The Crimson Requiem - unfinished) before talks commenced again between the duo and plans for a final MORBID DARKNESS release (Choking The Life Out Of Light - unfinished) began.  The final release was to contain a remixed version of the 1994 'Return From Death' demo and 5 reworked 1994 songs which originally made up part of the unrecorded 'Ascend' demo.   The duo was unable to work together, being worlds apart both in vision and in execution.  Due mainly to these conflicts and instabilities but as well with the subsequent merging of all of Chris's projects into VHOD, the release was cancelled.  The 'final' release comes in the form of the remixed 1994 demo (Return From Death 2014 Remix) in April 2014.

The VHOD merger ceased in early 2017 (VHOD would continue now as a seperate project from those involved in the merger) and MORBID DARKNESS was again relaunched.  A new and final EP (The Oblong Box) was released in April 2017.

[Affiliated with DSV, a side project began in 1990 by the two MD members and DEMONIC

Chris' original side project, which began in 1990.]



DARKNESS WITHOUT DAWN was conceived by sole member Chris Shaver in late summer 2016 as an outlet to explore more archaic and primitive songwriting and musical styles.  A few EP's (Darkness Without Dawn, Fall's Long Shadow & Winter, Their Haunt) were released in late 2016 and a single (The Unstill Mountain) was released in early 2017.

A final release, Fall Of The Others was released January 2018.