SHADU-NAR-MATTARU logo designed by Chris I. Shaver.
SHADU-NAR-MATTARU promo shoot, May 2019.  Photographed by Andrea Miron.

SHADU-NAR-MATTARU (est. February 2019)

This page will be used strictly for news and updates regarding the new project, SHADU-NAR-MATTARU, which was spearheaded earlier this year by Chris I. Shaver and Clayton M. Shaver.  This is not affiliated with VHOD, but as there is no official site for SHADU, Chris has opted to utilize VHOD.CA as a platform for these updates. 

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MAY 12, 2019:  A Youtube channel has been created for SHADU-NAR-MATTARU!

MAY 8, 2019:   SHADU-NAR-MATTARU is half finished recording the debut EP!  Digital release is expected in late June and a small run CD version should be available in early July.  Eventually, Bandcamp and Youtube pages will be put up...I'll keep you posted! 

FEBRUARY 17, 2019:   Check out this blog.