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Chris I. Shaver - Guitars/Drums/Bass/Vocals


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SHADU-NAR-MATTARU was conceived in the bitter February of 2019 by Chris I. Shaver (Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals) and Clayton M. Shaver (Vocals, Guitars), both founding members of the now defunct MORBID DARKNESS.  The two began jamming together again for the first time, truly, since 1996 and very quickly it was evident that whatever magic they once shared was still quite alive.

Work on new material began in April 2019 and in June 2019 production wrapped up with the subsequent self-released, self-titled EP.

Their music is raw and old school in delivery, taking inspiration from both old classic influences as well as many new ones, and melds vintage death, black, thrash and speed metal with melodic and heavy metal aesthetics.  Riffs are both written and played by both members, fusing together two different styles - one more raw, relentless and unbridled, the other more precise, haunting and profound - making for a very distinct sound.  Vocals are primarily performed by Clayton and display a timbre rooted in his old death/thrash style with a new, evolved and complex black metal approach.  Chris' contributions often apply tonal textures and a harmonic death metal approach.

Having a great number of ideas still in the works, and dedicated to remaining a 'studio band', the duo have wasted no time in releasing a second EP titled 'The Midnight Towers' in August of 2019.

A third EP, yet untitled, is in the works and with a tentative release slated for late October or early November.


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This page will be used strictly for news and updates regarding the new project, SHADU-NAR-MATTARU, which was spearheaded earlier this year by Chris I. Shaver and Clayton M. Shaver.  This is not affiliated with VHOD, but as there is no official site for SHADU, Chris has opted to utilize VHOD.CA as a platform for these updates. 

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OCTOBER 6, 2019:  Thanks Dale at Canadian Assault 'Zine for the killer reviews!  Check out the latest!

AUGUST 18, 2019: The new EP 'The Midnight Towers' is now up at Bandcamp!

JULY 29, 2019:  A killer review for the EP has been published courtesy of our old Metal Brother Dale Roy at Canadian Assault Zine!  Check it out!!!  

JUNE 19, 2019:  The SHADU CDs are in and ready to ship on Friday.  Get 'em here!

JUNE 9, 2019:  SHADU now has an Official Twitter page.  Check it out HERE!

JUNE 2, 2019:  The debut self-titled EP is officially out and can be purchased right now at Bandcamp!

MAY 12, 2019:  A Youtube channel has been created for SHADU-NAR-MATTARU!

MAY 8, 2019:   SHADU-NAR-MATTARU is half finished recording the debut EP!  Digital release is expected in late June and a small run CD version should be available in early July.  Eventually, Bandcamp and Youtube pages will be put up...I'll keep you posted! 

FEBRUARY 17, 2019:   Check out this blog.