Instrumental/Fringe Metal


In late summer 2018, some changes occurred regarding the future path of VHOD.  Without going into great detail here (see the blog VHOD: Pathogenesis for more information and news) a revision came into being which will separate all future efforts from all past ones.  The primarily Death Metal style of past efforts will give way to a new flavored with Avante Garde, Doom, Post Metal and Industrial seasonings and which will be simply coined 'Fringe Metal'.  Besides this change in overall style, future VHOD releases will be exclusively instrumental.  This will be the new norm for VHOD indefinitely.

September 2018 brought about 2 new singles, 'Fumarole' and 'The Worm That Wore Red'.  October 2018 brought about  2 singles, both originally written and recorded in 2016 and remixed for release:  'Raash' and 'Skies Of Old'. 

In December 2018, an old/new single titled 'Too Late For Fate' (or, 2L84F8) was remastered and released.  It was originally recorded in September 2011.

Death Doom/Funeral Doom


TRANSIR was originally in the works in early 2016, though without a full identity.  In late 2016, a debut EP (The Sentinaar) was released, bringing to pass a new project for sole member Chris Shaver to fulfill his need to dabble in the Death Doom/Funeral Doom genres.

TRANSIR released a new 20-minute single (Subterria) November 2017.  

A follow up single (Sunderia) was released November 2018.

Work on a full length album will begin in late 2018 with a tentative release set for autumn of 2019.