New developments, new ideas, everything new in the world of VHOD.  Sometimes just mindless babble...I'll call this an 'outlet'.


September 11, 2018

Having awoken sometime in August from a troubled sleep, mixed with many a duration of near waking and lucid dreams, I am changed.

I cannot fully explain it, most may not understand it if I could.  The dreams comprised of bizarre tribulations and unanswerable riddles.  I was visited in some form by every spirit of the dead I once knew, and each was just as strange as they were familiar.  Emotion did not exist here, not even fear.  A numbness encircled this dreamscape like the ice upon a frozen lake in the most bitter of winters.

So many paradoxical and contradictory colors and textures shaded these dreams and yet upon waking only a singular thought, in fact a word, remained emblazoned in my mind....


I am changed.  I am the same human being but I am changed.  I watched the dust and sands blow by on this plain in the desert of my life but each time I looked to the ground it appeared the same - always the same.

This was nothing new.  But it would never be again.

Musically, I knew it was time to bury some metaphorical-corpses.  Everything I once knew has changed.  Being inspired I tried to write some new music...playing empty chords and toiling over progressions which have been done to death.  Ugh.  Everything in this world is vomit.  Albeit of varying shades and textures, it is all vomit.

PATHOGENESIS is the new album I am currently working on.  Due date?  I'm not sure.  PATHOGENESIS is the culmination of these developments.  I trust it will be an alienation to most.  This may be career suicide but it feels more like career rebirth.  Some may understand, my apologies if you don't.

(Post Script:)

In my reference to vomit?  The thing about vomiting is that one can watch it happening and hear it happening and most are no worse for the fact, some with darker senses of humor may even get a weird thrill or sense of entertainment from witnessing the act.  I am no different.  But the act of vomiting is one I truly despise and one I will surely try my hardest never to do again...metaphorically speaking.